Who are we? 

I'm Hannah Lewis. The Women in Pensions network came to life in a conversation one lunchtime, when myself and a lady pensions guru were chatting about how many women there are in pensions industry - and how pleased we are that so many of those are senior figures. Since I started working on my pensions project earlier this year, I've been struck by the warmth and support of women in the industry, and so I've started the network to help us all benefit. We've had an event almost every month since October 2015.

Pensions attracts those of us who are interested in the more complex side of human nature, finance and public policy. I think that's why women are making great strides in pensions. It combines the people element that we're so good at understanding, and our drive to fix the problems that we see.

With the ever-changing regulation and complexity in the industry, it's a great time for women to join together and strengthen our ties. Please help me connect women who work in pensions. Whether you're involved in policy, law, a trustee, a finance professional, or your role means you want to understand more - everyone is welcome. 

A bit about me: I work on pension communication via my agency, Behave London. I'm working to increase member engagement, using behavioural science, and testing that in the real world with pension funds.